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Rapper Ludacris Showcases His Cherished 1993 Acura Legend (Video)



Rapper Ludacris Showcases His Cherished 1993 Acura Legend

Most of us are familiar or know who Ludacris is, he’s a rapper and actor who is famous for hit singles like “Area Code”. He also starred in the Fast And Furious films along with other stars which makes him famous. But among all that, he’s a car enthusiast as you can see him with this 1993 Acura Legend. The Acura Legend is a known luxury vehicle and was popular in Nigeria back in the day.

The rapper bought the vehicle in 1999 and still maintains it till date with everything still intact. The rapper’s car was damaged back in 2015 but after putting through a call to the car manufacturer, the Acura Design studio in Los Angeles fully restored the car.

In a video Ludacris posted, you can see how immaculate the vehicle is and he said he got it before his 1st album. The vehicle has done roughly 255,000 miles on the clock. Being a man of music, you can also see a subwoofer he installed at the trunk.

The 1993 Acura Legend was available in a 2 door coupe or 4 door sedan. It was powered by a 3.2litre V6 that outputs 230hp. The Acura Legend was mated with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic and an optional 6-speed manual.

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