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Watch : Russia Decontaminates Vladimir Putin’s Limousine To Keep Away Coronavirus




Russia decontaminates Vladimir Putin’s Limousine to keep its Head of State from coronavirus.


Vladimir Putin’s “Bunker On Wheels” is no doubt one of the most popular and astonishing Presidential Limousine on Earth.

First unveiled at his inauguration in 2018, the 6-ton tank-like Aurus Senat L700 Limousine is covered in armour plating. It also runs on Kevlar tyres to keep it going when shot.

According to reports, it will comfortably keep it’s occupants safe when fully submerged in water.

Despite these amazing features, measures still have to be taken to keep the Russian strongman from contracting the coronavirus.


Security detail sprays the handle of Vladimir Putin’s Limousine with sanitizer to keep its Head of State from coronavirus.

A trending video has given a peak into how Kremlin are keeping its head of state from the deadly virus.

The clip was captured during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trip to the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces.



In the video, one of the presidential security detail can be seen spraying the handle of the president’s limo with what seems to be a sanitizer, before opening it for the head of state.

After the decontamination process, Putin proceeded to get out of the vehicle, where he was greeted by Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.


According to reports, there are decontamination several chambers in Kremlin and at Putin’s residence to prevent Putin from contracting the coronavirus.

The chamber disinfects the clothes and unprotected parts of the body, killing bacteria and viruses on their surface.

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