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Russia’s World War Two Victory Day Parade In Pictures



Russia on May 9 staged a massive military parade, marking 74th years of victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. The parade was a chance for Russia to show off its current military and defense capabilities.

Over 13,000 troops and more than 130 pieces of weaponry were paraded through the capital in a show of Russian military power.

Among the hundreds of military hardware paraded in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin, veterans and dignitaries was Russia’s Yars mobile intercontinental nuclear missile launcher , T-34 tank and T-14 Armata tanks.

The Convertible version of Vladimir Putin’s new £120,000 Aurus armoured limousine was also unveiled at the country’s Victory Day parade.

The flyover segment of the Victory parade was canceled due to weather conditions.

Here’s a look at photos from the event

Military planes (above) fly past Moscow on a rehearsal day with clearer skies.