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Safety Tips For Asthma Patients Who Drive



Asthma attacks can happen anywhere. If you are asthmatic, have you ever thought about what would happen if you have an asthma attack while driving ? .It could be very fatal if the situation is not properly controlled.
We would be learning some tips to keep you safe, in case you have an asthma attack while driving, and tips to prevent the attacks from happening.

Let’s get started.


Never Drive Without Your Inhaler

Always have your inhaler with you at all times. Better still, leave one inhaler permanently in your car.

Know When Its Coming

Sometimes asthmatic attacks can be so spontaneous and unexpected. But, most often than not, there are always signs that tell you the attack is coming .If you are driving and you notice the signs of an impending attack, its best you pull over as soon as possible, open your windows for fresh air and make use of your inhaler.Make sure you are calm before continuing with your journey

Take Your Medication

Depending on your doctor’s prescription, make sure you always take your medications when you are supposed to. Most times these medications prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

Avoid The Triggers

Triggers for asthmatic patients differ from person to person. But its best to eliminate all possible triggers, before you approach a dusty road, make sure you wind your windows up.
If cold triggers an attack for you, its best to avoid the AC.As I said, different people have different triggers, but some triggers, especially dust is common in most asthma patients.
The bottom line is, know what triggers an attack for you, and avoid it by all means. Keep your car clean and dust free !

Opt For Leather Seats

Leather car seats don’t accumulate dust over time like other clothe/fabric material does.

Use Rubber Foot Mats

Make use of rubber foot mats instead of rug foot mats. Because, rug foot mats accumulate more dust over time.



Be safe !.
Kindly don’t forget to share. You might be saving someone’s life.



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