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What To Do If You Suspect You Are Being Followed While Walking



Sometimes, for different reasons, you might suspect you are being followed while walking down a road or street. Here on, your mobility is our priority. As long as you are mobile, we’ve got you covered, whether you drive a Mercedes, or you cruise a Legedis .

Let’s learn some tips on how to ensure your safety, if you suspect you are being followed while strolling or walking.

1.Be Alert At All Times

Make sure your eyes are always moving around, be ready for any eventuality. Take note of the suspected follower, the hands especially .While observing him/her, try to do it subtly .

2.Confirm If You Are Really Being Followed

Sometimes your mind might just be playing a trick on you. But let’s confirm if you are really being followed.
Cross over to the other side of the road and walk back to the direction you were coming from, walk for about three minutes.
If he/she does exactly what you do, then you are being followed.

3.Maintain Enough Distance

Since you have established the fact that you are being followed, maintain enough distance between you and the follower. This means you would have to increase your pace

4.Don’t Go To Isolated Places

Going home at this moment is not advisable, so its best to keep walking and make sure you walk along well-lit and considerably busy streets/road. Be careful not to enter a close, so you don’t get boxed in.

5.Contact The Police

At this point, your life is most likely in danger. Walk up to the nearest police/military station or checkpoint in that vicinity and report to them. If there is none close by bring out your phone and place a call to 112 or 767, while you walk and maintain enough distance from the follower.

6.Board A Vehicle Or Motorcycle

If you are not able to contact the police physically or through a phone call, its time to board a vehicle/bus, most preferably a motorcycle(okada), since they can zoom off and manoeuvre easily .

7.Go To A Friends House Or An Hotel

At this point you are most likely not being followed any more. But to be on a safer side, go somewhere else apart from home, preferably an hotel and lodge there for the night.

Make sure you call your family to inform them of your whereabouts, so they don’t panic



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