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See How Much It Cost To Commute Around Lagos Using Ferries



In Lagos, plying on the Inland waterways  are several commercial ferries and motorized high capacity boats. They are owned by individuals, private institutions and the Lagos state government.

They operate on the waterways in and around Lagos state. They are an alternative to traveling on the chaotic Lagos roads.

These ferries can transport one to a distant destination within minutes, as opposed to hours that it will normally take to travel to the same destination by roads.

A good number of Lagosians, especially those who reside in far-flung surburban axis but who work or trade in distant locations. was at some of the jetties built by NIWA (National Inland Waterways Authority), the Lagos state governments and some private individuals and institutions.

We got first hand information on how much it costs to patronize these commercial ferry services.

Our observation is that there are slight variations in the fares demanded for trips to some specific destinations. These variations are determined by the capacity of the engines of the ferries , the quality of the boats, etc.

However, we also observed something as it relates to the fares being charged by the ferry services operators: the amount currently being charged as fares by these commercial ferry operators would be significantly reduced if there were more ferries participating and competing with the few existing ones on the Lagos Inland waterways.

It goes without say, if this mode of mass transit is sincerely explored by the government, it would significantly decongest the roads and rid the state of the legendary road traffic gridlocks in Lagos.



Below are the average amount charged for ferry rides to different locations together with the average duration it takes to complete a trip.


Marina – Apapa

Duration = 7minutes

Fare = N150


Ikorodu – Victoria Island

Duration = 30minutes

Fare    = N500.


Ikoyi (near federal secretariat) – Ikorodu

Duration =25 minutes

Fare = N500


Ikorodu – Marina

Duration = 25 minutes

Fare = N700





Ikorodu – Oyingbo

Time = 30 minutes

Fare = 500


Marina – Oyingbo

Time= 6 minutes

Fare = N 500


Marina – Ebute-Ero

Time = 3 Minutes

Fare = 350


Marina – Ikoyi (near federal secretariat)

Time=  20 minutes

Fare =500


Marina – Lekki

Time = 30 minutes

Fare =  700


Bayon- Marina

Time = 30 Minutes

Fare =100/200



Marina  – Takwa Bay

Time =  20 Minutes

Fare = N100/200


Marina – Sabo-Koji

Duration= 10 minutes

Fare: N100


Marina – Badagry

Duration= 45 minutes

Fare =N1000


Marina – Ojo

Duration= 30 minutes

Fare =N1000



Ikorodu – Mile 2

Duration  =45 Minutes

Fare= N1000



Duration = 25minutes

Fare = N700


Marina – Ofin

Duration = 30 minutes

Fare= 1000


Ebute Ero – Epe

Duration = 1 Hour

Fare= N1300



Duration = 35 minutes

Fare = N1000


Note: The fares varies slightly with each ferry. The fare is determined by the size of the ferry and its engine capacity.






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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    June 19, 2019 at 09:35

    Autojosh, thank you for such a useful Marine Transport information. New residents in Lagos can use more information about the list of companies that run these ferry transportation. We need company names, schedules, and new pricing.

    Can you write a new article about this?

    Thank you again!

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