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Automobile Technology :7 Things That Might Soon Be Phased Out




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Technology is wonderful,many years ago who would have taught we would have cars that would drive themselves ?. Now we have semi-autonomous and fully autonomous cars.Some things are gradually phasing out,some might be phased out in the future ,lets find out .


I decided to add this first because we are already seeing it happen before our eyes .Very soon ,if driverless cars are improved on and “perfect” enough,we might not need drivers anymore.

2.Drivers License

If cars are fully autonomous , the next logical thing to do or phase out ,might be drivers license.What do you need it for anyway when your are not going to be driving .

3.Buttons and Knobs

We are already seeing this happen to our phones and even in some cars .With time we won’t be having knobs and buttons in out cars anymore , all there would be is touch screens .


Yeah , I said it ,petrol is going !!!!.With Toyota and other companies actively testing and implementing the use of hydrogen cells and building electric cars ,the use of petrol and other fuels like diesel would soon be completely phased out.

5.Physical Gauges

Tired of seeing the same type of fuel or speed gauge all the time .Don’t worry they would soon be completely replaced with digital displays , even though some cars already have these,with time mechanical gauges would be phased out.

6. Car Keys

Everything is going mobile this days , some cars already have this option .But soon it would be in all cars ,unlocking your car from your mobile phone would soon be the order of the day.

7.Sticks and Shafts

Tired of pulling up your hand brake , or shifting the gear all the time , don’t worry it would soon be as easy as using a touch screen phone ,Take one long last look at your gears and hand-brakes people ,they would soon be gone !!!!.

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  1. Deji

    January 21, 2017 at 06:54

    Driverless cars in my beloved country? Surely not with the kind if roads we have here.

    • AutoJosh

      January 21, 2017 at 08:46

      Lol. May be inside Banana Island

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