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The 3 Largest Commercial Parking Spaces In Lagos (PHOTOS)



In many parts of Lagos state, getting parking spaces for cars is as difficult as a donkey passing through the proverbial needle’s eye. Indeed, Lagos state has a major parking challenge. The parking challenge in the state is one of the nightmares of owning a car in the state.

In some locations in Lagos, a motorist can be stuck in particular vicinity for up to an hour searching for a parking spot, despite being just a few minutes away from their places of appointments.

Hemmed by a burgeoning population and a tiny landmass, Lagos is easily becoming too unbearable for car owners. Many of them have tales of one frustration or the other to recount in parking their vehicles.

According to recent statistics by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), there are more than 13million active vehicles plying Nigerian roads today. Out of that figure, more than 2million cars are in Lagos. This huge amount of cars in Lagos state contributes to the inconvenience of commuting with a car in Lagos.

Over the past decade, workers and commuters in Lagos have generally become accustomed to the inherent problems that come with inadequate parking facilities.

Some institutions and individuals have seen a gold mine from this need for motorists to park their vehicles – especially in busy locations. And they are definitely smiling to the bank due to some solutions they have brought to tackle the challenge.

In this article, we would be highlighting the 3 largest commercial and most subscribed parking spaces in Lagos – and perhaps the most lucrative ones for their operators.

Oluwole Car Park

The Oluwole Car Park is situated in the heart of Lagos Island. It is bordered by Nnamdi Azikiwe street, Breadfruit street, Martins street, and Evans street.

Generally, Lagos Island is very active due to trading activities. The location hosts hundreds of thousands of shoppers daily. And as a result, there is an incredible demand for parking space. Though untarred and poorly maintained, the Oluwole car park accommodates hundreds of cars daily. To park your car there, motorists should be ready to part with N500. There is no time limit to how long a car is parked, so long as it doesn’t exceed the day.

Though there are area boys securing the park, the safety of your car and valuables in it, is not totally assured. However, using the park is a prefered option than having one’s vehicle towed for parking on the road illegally.

Parking Spaces In LagosParking Spaces In Lagos




Marina Car Park

Marina Car Park is one of the busiest in the country. It accommodates hundreds of cars daily. It is mostly patronized by Lagosians that work within the Marina business district. Shoppers that patronize the numerous shops and markets on Lagos Island also use the expansive Park.

The different section of the Marina car park fills up as early as 7:45 am every day. When it is full, vehicle owners are left with the option of patronizing parks operated by area boys, which comes with a lot of risks. Parking there costs N500. There is no time limit for parking, as long as it does not exceed the day.

Parking Spaces In Lagos Parking Spaces In LagosParking Spaces In Lagos Parking Spaces In Lagos



Ikeja Shopping Mall Car Park

The Ikeja City Mall is a shopping and leisure centre located at Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos.  The mall was opened on 14 December 2011.

The  Mall’s car park is one of the most organize commercial parking spaces on Lagos Mainland  The car park can handle hundreds of cars simultaneously. Originally, it was free to park there. However, after several waves of abuse by some car owners, who park there without patronizing the mall, it was commercialized. On June 12, 2012, all the stores in the mall shut down in protest against the then-new parking fee of N300 per hour implemented by the mall administrators.

Currently, parking there for the first hour is free, however, the second hour attracts a fee of N200, and it increases with additional hours.

The ICM is a convenient place to park one’s car in order to do business around the busy Ikeja axis. The safety of cars parked there is also guaranteed. There is CCTV coverage of the park and security personnel are constantly patrolling the parking spaces.  The mall open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.


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