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The Fuel Tank Capacity Of These Planes Would Shock You





Earlier, I wrote about how much estimated fuel is needed to fly a Boeing 747 from Lagos to London.

The calculation was very detailed and step by step, a value of ₦12,039,630.24 -that is the cost for approximately 60,072 litres of aviation fuel.

Some folks found this very hard to believe, “How can a plane consume three tankers of fuel “, “How can a plane even carry that much fuel.

I am here to clear your doubts and set the records straight.
In this article, I would inform you about what the approximate tank capacity of some of the world’s most popular planes are .

1.Airbus A380

Fuel Capacity : 323,591 litres

2.Boeing 747

Fuel Capacity : 182,000 litres

3.Boeing 737

Fuel Capacity : 17,865- 25,941 Litres (Depending on the exact model)

4.Airbus A320

Fuel Capacity : 29,680 litres

5. BBJ (Boeing Business Jet)

This is the model of Buhari’s Official Plane

Fuel Capacity : 26,024.63 litres

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