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These Are The Dirtiest And The Most Germ-riddled Parts Of Your Car – By Motorpoint




Your car is an ideal breeding ground for germs, but do you know which parts of the interior are most riddled with them?

A study was conducted by auto retailer Motorpoint, which specialises in selling nearly-new second-hand cars – so they know how disgusting a vehicle interior can get and the importance of a good cleaning.

Researchers for Motorpoint swabbed the below 20 key areas and put samples in petri dishes.

Steering wheel – rim • Steering wheel – horn • Gear stick • Handbrake • Indicator lever • Rear view mirror • Radio volume button • Internal door handle – drivers side • Cup holder • Dashboard • Boot • Driver seat • Driver footwell • Driver seat belt strap • Driver seat belt buckle • Driver seat belt button • Back seat • Back seat footwell • Passenger seat • Passenger footwell

These were then left for five days to see how many germs and bacteria they were home to.

The results for each area were visually compared to rank the areas of the car and to determine which was the most germ-ridden.


For those who had pets, you might want to rethink letting your animals in your vehicle as the driver’s boot was covered in bacteria.

Out of all the samples, the areas with the most visible bacteria were the boot, driver footwell, seatbelt button and handbrake.

The cup holder, inside door handle, and radio volume button had also accumulated plenty of white and black coloured mould.

The three cleanest areas with the least germs were the rear-view mirror, steering wheel rim, and the gear stick ,surprising considering how often drivers touch these.

If you normally eat or drink in your car, as well as driving young kids or putting pets or other domestic animals and perishable goods in the boot, then these can also have an impact on dirtiness in cars.

The results were quite revealing and showed how bad slack car cleaning and maintenance could be to you and your passengers health.

So it pays to regularly clean both the interior part and outside of your car.

Credits Motorpoint