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Third Mainland Bridge: A Favourite Location For Acts Of Suicide



Unarguably, Nigeria has witnessed more suicide cases within the last 4 years than since when the country gained independence.

Clearly, there is frustration and hardship in the land. These situations have been  very effective in driving so many Nigerians into depression and other mental health conditions.

Numerous cases of suicide are being reported from different part of the country. Lagos state is not an exception.

However, in Lagos state, one spot has become a location of choice, or a favourite, for those with tendency for suicide. That location is the Third Mainland Bridge.

Frequently, we hear of Nigerians who have lost all reasons to keep staying alive. These set of Nigerians travel all the way to the Third-Mainland Bridge. There, they take the very daring plunge into the Lagos lagoon, and then sink deep into their demise.

So, how can this unfortunate trend be stopped?

What measure needs to be put in place to prevent people from reducing the bridge to a place of death?

Perhaps, the government – Federal or State – should consider erecting high mesh fences similar to the median fences being erected on Lagos expressways.

Hopefully, if this is done, then the Third Mainland Bridge would stop being self-execution ground for depressed Nigerians.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dapson

    June 12, 2018 at 16:48

    Autojosh, you are too good… Forward thinking!

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