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This Is What Driving Will Look Like In The Future



driving future mercedes benz

driving future mercedes benz

Mercedes Benz has successfully created the future sci-fi driving experience. Usually, you see such visionary innovative inventions featuring in futuristic science fiction movies. The Mercedes Benz F 015 is a pioneer design. The company has premiered this car in anticipation of what driving will be like in 2030.

The Future Begins in 2030

driving future mercedes benz

As we can easily imagine, the F 015 is a smart car. Besides being able to drive itself, it can also speak. With large LED displays (at the front and rear) and a laser projection system (front), it communicates with voice instructions and projected images. Its sensors detect both vehicle and individual movement. It will stop for pedestrian crossing. At the same time, the car will encourage them to cross the road by projecting a green crosswalk.

Luxury in the Future

driving future mercedes benz

The car’s interior is designed as a first-class luxury lounge. With wooden flooring, walnut nappa leather for chairs, metal and glass detail, the finishing is top-notch. The four lounge chairs rotate and allow for face-to-face seating. Passengers can relax and enjoy this personalised and digital living room by napping, reading, holding a meeting and running a business.

The Mercedes Benz F 015 is ‘Luxury in Motion’

Since they don’t have to face the road, passengers can make use of any of the six display screens mounted on the front, rear and side walls in elaborate taste. They can play movies, show off pictures, or connect with the rest of the world. These high-resolution screens can be controlled by touch, eye tracking and gestures.

Driving in the Future

driving future mercedes benz

With the future in mind, the concept of the F 015 caters to an advanced society. It visualises an urbanisation where life is at a roller-coaster pace and space is premium. This car’s passengers will enjoy luxurious privacy like we’ve never seen in a vehicle.

driving future mercedes benz

A most important feature on the Mercedes Benz F015 is its safety system. Its body is made up of a combination of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, aluminium and high-strength steels. On impact, a PRE-SAFE® Body Structure inflates and absorbs the energy of a collision.

Does this sound like something from Black Panther’s Wakanda? I thought so too…

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