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11 Car Features That Will Become Extinct In The Future



Cars have lots of features and in due time, these features will be totally replaced by sometime else in the future. These features are still lurking around in some vintage cars or in some brand’s cheapest variants. However, some of them are already becoming alien to those who drive recent and premium cars. Let’s take a look at 11 car features that will become extinct in the near future.

1. Manual window winders

Manual window winders

Before the advent of electric windows , there was manual window winders. These plastic or sometimes metal fittings were used to take the windows up and down manually. It was stressful and when it gets spoilt, you’ll have to resort to alternative means like using a plier instead. However, these days, most cars now come with electric windows that kids love to play with anyhow if not locked by their parents.

2. Manual gearbox

Manual gearbox

This is an obvious one as many car brands are dropping the stick shift by the day. Although, they can still be found in basic models or some high profile sports cars. Despite the love petrol heads have for manual transmission, they are fast becoming an endangered specie. Automatic transmissions are now taking over. Other gear systems are CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission), DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) etc. Car manufacturers claim that these new gear systems are fuel efficient (which is true) but their durability remains questionable.

3. Cassette/CD player

Cassette/CD player

Back in the 90s, a car with a CD player was termed as a luxury car. Now both cassette (completely obsolete) and CD player are becoming old school already. Now, more cars are integrating USB, bluetooth audio, Android Auto and Apple Car Play into their in dash infotainment system. USB connection, hard drive storage and smartphones can now be connected to cars to play music and do other stuff.

4. Side mirrors

Side mirrors

Well although this feature will remain in the distance future one cant rule it out. With some manufacturers already thinking of replacing this with side cameras to be viewed in the in dash screen for better access to the road. They claim it will be fitted with AI abilities to detect movement et all. Lexus ES will be the 1st production car to come fitted with this new feature.

5. Conventional car keys

Conventional car keys



The demise of this feature was due to the rise of tech. Gone are the days when people used to flick keys to indicate that they have a car. Now most modern cars use push start buttons to start their cars. In some cases, the cars are opened with remote sensor on the key fob. The fob also acts as an information hub to show the status of the car. Some manufacturers also use cards and allow the ability to use fingerprint. Others are operated via apps on their smartphones that is linked to the cars. This feature is not yet widespread but it will eventually .

6. Hand brake

The reason for the disappearance of this feature is the decline of the manual transmission, the manual gearbox and the hand brake work together to put the car to a stop. With automatic transmission leading the way, hand brake is now useless because the automatic transmission has integrated its feature.

7. Physical/Analogue gauges

This feature is on going going but not yet gone. Automobile manufacturers are making the transition to digital gauges, which offer more versatility and customizability over traditional gauges. Some manufacturers have taken this one step further and have gone as far as including a large dynamic map screen with dual mode (both gauge and navigation system), making navigation a breeze.

8. Dashboard buttons

The advent of touchscreens has removed the need for physical buttons and knobs in cars, especially for media and climate control related functions. Luxury cars have started to use these feature already and a few normal cars too, in the near future it will be a common feature. A good example of this feature is like the Tesla’s info system that uses a fully touch-sensitive screen completely free of buttons or knobs.

9. AM/FM radio

This feature is almost gone, in fact people rarely listen to the radio anymore and with technology again it will be if not an already gone feature. With infotainmaent system and real time information on board with other modern features integrated in the dashboard, the radio is finally heading to the extinct door sooner rather than later.

10. Steering wheel

This feature will remain with us for a long time but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be obsolete in the near future. The reason for the steering wheel to phase out in the nearest future is the advent of autonomous cars. These are cars that will drive themselves and take you from point A to B by just telling it your location and with its advance programming it will take you there while you can do other things. Although the steering may be present for drivers to take over with manual control (retractable steering wheel).

11. Internal combustion engines


This is a deep one and because of how  emissions are spiking on a daily basis, its making auto manufacturers to go green. With electric cars popping everywhere on the roads, this will cause a decline in petrol powered cars. Some countries are now having stiffer emission laws which in turn force may car manufacturers to turn to alternative means which is either electric or solar powered.


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