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Top 30 Countries With The Best Roads In Africa – 2018



Beautiful Quality Roads

Beautiful Quality Roads
Some countries in Africa have massively improved in all spheres, including in the quality of roads which aids ease of transportation .
The World Economic Forum (WEF), rated countries all over the world according to the quality of their roads.But in this post, we would be focusing on Africa.

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Its pertinent to note that not only does the quality of roads determine how long it takes to get to our destinations, it also determines how frequently maintenance is carried out on cars due to damages caused by poor roads.
The WEF rated these countries on a scale of 1.0-7.0, 1.0 being extremely poor and 7.0 extremely good.
Let’s take a look at them .

1.Namibia -5.10
2.Rwanda -4.70
3.Egypt -4.50
4.Mauritius -4.50
5.Morocco -4.50
6.Seychelles -4.50
7.South Africa -4.30
8.Swaziland -4.30
9.Kenya -4.20
10.Cape Verde -3.80
11.Gambia -3.80
12.Tunisia -3.80
13.Senegal -3.70
14.Tanzania -3.70
15.Algeria -3.60
16.Botswana -3.60
17. Seirra Leone -3.60
18.Ghana -3.50
19.Uganda -3.50
20.Mali -3.40
21.Zambia -3.40
22.Ethiopia -3.30
23.Ivory Coast -3.30
24.Burundi -3.00
25.Benin -2.90
26.Malawi -2.90
27.Cameroon -2.80
28.Liberia -2.80
29.Burkina Faso-2.70
30.Zimbabwe- 2.70

Once again, Nigeria did not make it to this list, Nigeria is 33rd in Africa, out of 38 rated African countries.In the whole world Nigeria takes the 133rd position out of 140 rated countries , with a rating of 2.40.

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