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Top 30 Countries With The Best Roads In The World-2018



Beautiful Quality Roads

Beautiful Quality Roads

The quality of roads in a city or country at large would determine to a great extent, how easy it is to travel from one point to another. It also determines, how often you would have to fix damages, or wear and tear on your car that are a result of bad roads.
The World Economic Forum (WEF), rated countries according to how good their roads are.This was done on a scale of 1.0-7.0, 1.0 being extremely poor and 7.0 being extremely good.
Let’s take a look at the top 30 countries in the world with the best roads and their ratings.

1. Singapore -6.40
2. Switzerland-6.40
3. Netherlands-6.20
4. Hong Kong-6.10
5. Portugal-6.10
6. France-6.00
7. Japan-6.00
8. Oman-6.00
9. Austria-5.90
10. UAE-5.90
11. USA-5.90
12. South Korea-5.70
13. Qatar-5.60
14. Spain-5.60
15. Sweden-5.60
16. Croatia-5.50
17. Denmark-5.50
18. Germany-5.50
19. Malaysia-5.50
20. Taiwan-5.50
21. Finland-5.30
22. Luxembourg-5.30
23. Canada-5.20
24. Chile-5.20
25. Cyprus-5.20
26. UK-5.20
27. Bahrain-5.10
28. Namibia-5.10
29. Ecuador-5.00
30. Israel-5.00

Nigeria sadly isn’t even in the top 100, yet billions are being budgeted for road and bridge constructions. Nigeria takes the 133rd spot in this ranking, out of 140, with a rating of 2.40 !!!.

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