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Toyota Takes A Leap In Automotive Design As AI Will Be Responsible In The Future



Toyota is getting a new ’employee’ in the design department. The Japanese have developed a digital design assistant that uses AI to adapt basic designs to numerous requirements.

It is becoming increasingly clear that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in our lives, both in front of and behind the scenes. Car manufacturers are also experimenting with it. For example, Mercedes-Benz wants to integrate AI chatbot ChatGPT into the voice assistant, Jaguar Land Rover wants to use it to tailor its cars to the state of mind of the driver and Renault recently had AI sketch a few special Twingos. The latter came somewhat close to what Toyota is going to do now, only the approach of the Japanese is much more serious.

Toyota Research Institute has developed a digital tool to support the design department. In short, it works as follows: the designer enters a sketch, informs the program which requirements the car must meet, for example in terms of dimensions and interior space, and then also asks him, for example, to make the whole as aerodynamic as possible. Also, for example, an SUV-like can be proposed on the basis of a design that is actually intended for a lower car. Subsequently, a few suggestions roll out and the designer can continue on the basis of these.

Sounds handy, right? The Experimental Design Studio of Toyota immediately took a sketch and developed it with the help of AI into a somewhat more realistic overall picture. We see a flashy two-door with a Prius-like nose, which in terms of proportions, despite the interference of AI, still looks somewhat extreme. Anyway, the idea is clear.

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