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Toyota’s Solid-State Battery Will Still Be Limited In Production From 2030



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The big promise in EV land—and in Toyota’s EV future in particular—is the efficient ‘solid-state battery’. According to many, these batteries will bring about a revolution, but they will not be as big around 2030 as Toyota previously thought. Production is still limited.

The ‘commercialization’, or bringing the first solid-state EVs onto the market, is still planned for sometime around 2027. However, it will not immediately be the case that this new generation of EVs will be sold by hundreds of thousands at the same time. After an initial phase with several thousand vehicles per year, there will be a scale-up from 2030 to battery production that is sufficient for several tens of thousands of cars per year. So we are still talking about very limited series production, especially by Toyota standards. To give you an idea: Toyota already sold more than 100,000 Corollas and more than 100,000 Yaris this year, only in Europe. More than 10 million cars are sold every year by this Japanese manufacturer. Moreover, it may well be that Toyota first uses the special batteries in hybrids, so fewer batteries and therefore fewer raw materials are needed to provide more cars with such a battery.

Before your electric Corolla equivalent with a 1,000 km range arrives in the driveway, a few elections will pass. Compared to more conventional lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries are not only said to have a much higher energy density but can also charge faster. A package must be able to be charged from 10 to 80 percent in ten minutes or less. Solid-state is not the only horse Toyota is betting on to take its EVs to a new level. There will also be a new generation of EVs with different battery types, which should also be good for driving ranges of up to 1,000 kilometers and/or a significant cost reduction. So there is still a lot to be done in this area at Toyota.

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