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U.S Military ₦2b MQ-1 Spy Drone Crashes In Niger Republic, The Second In 2 Months





The U.S Africa Command (AFRICOM) said it lost General Atomics ₦2 billion MQ-1 surveillance drone in Niger Republic.

The crash is the second in two months.

US claimed both incidents were due to mechanical failures rather than through assault.


The U.S Africa Command General Atomics MQ-1 surveillance drone has crashed in Niger Republic.

The U.S Africa Command (AFRICOM), on Thursday, said it lost one of its remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) in the vicinity of Agadez, Niger on April 23.

“A… remotely piloted aircraft was lost near Agadez, Niger, April 23,”

“U.S. forces secured the RPA on April 24. Reports indicate the RPA experienced mechanical failure. The RPA was not lost due to any hostile action,”

This crash comes barely two months after losing another drone in the Agadez region on February 29.

AFRICOM claimed both incidents was due to mechanical failure rather than from hostile action in the conflict-torn country.


The drone lost on both case was General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle, an upgrade to the MQ-1 Reaper drone.

The long-endurance 55-foot-wingspan aircraft can operate for 36 hours at altitudes up to 25,000 feet (7,600 m), with an operating range of 200 nautical miles (400 km).

Each of these drones has a starting price of $5 million or about ₦1.95 billion.


Last year, the U.S. military started drone intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations out of Nigerien Air Base 201.

The joint Niger and U.S. Air Base in Agadez, known as Nigerien Air Base 201, was completed last year at a cost around $100 million.

Back in October 4, 2017, four US soldiers and five Nigerien troops were killed in an ambush by fighters affiliated with the Islamic State group.

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