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Volvo Demonstrates How Self-driving (Autonomous) Electric BRT Buses Can Be Used At Bus Depots In Nigeria




Tomorrow Today, Volvo demonstrates how self-driving (Autonomous) electric BRT buses can be used at bus depots across Nigeria.


We are still many years away from seeing self-driving buses on public roads; but Volvo still wants us to see the benefits and how it feels to be driven by driverless buses.

Last Month, Volvo demonstrated autonomous (self-driving) driving of its electric buses at a bus depot in Sweden.


During the demonstration, the fully-electric 12m autonomous bus successfully drove itself between the parking bay and several workstations.

While carrying passengers, the buses  went through cleaning, servicing and electric charging, before parking itself in the correct bay.


After the successful demonstration, President of Volvo Buses, Hakan Agnevall, said:

“This marks a very important step in our autonomous journey as we now have successfully shown the commercial benefits an autonomous solution can deliver in a bus depot”


He added that:
“Autonomous buses in depots bring new benefits such as more efficient traffic flows, higher productivity, less damages and improved safety.”

“The industry-common charging interface OppChargeTM is ideally suited for autonomous charging, eliminating the need to connect power cables to the bus in the depot.”

This demonstration is one of the first to take place in a real bus depot.

In March, Volvo Buses and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, demonstrated the world’s first 12-metre autonomous electric bus.

The Electric bus is equipped with sensors and navigation controls that are managed by a artificial intelligence (AI) system.

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