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What Is The Reason For This Recent Trend On Cars In Nigeria (See PHOTOS)




Car door handle sticker films are used to protect car door cups from scratches or marks. These scratches and marks are typically left there by rings, nails or keys when drivers are in a rush trying to get the door open or the key in the lock.

In new car shops, these stickers are placed on cars on display for sale in order to keep them from getting scratches from the constant opening by a potential buyer.

Typically, the stickers are removed as soon as buyers take possession of the cars.

Interestingly, in Nigeria, car door handle protector stickers have become quite common features on cars on the roads  – even cars in derelict condition.

On these cars, the stickers give an outstanding feature on the cars that they are placed on.

This recent fad thus begs the question – Are these stickers for decorative purpose or to protect the car handle cup from scratches, marks, etc?
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