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Which Of These 7 Things Are You Guilty Of While Driving?



reducing the volume of the stereo in a car

If you have been driving, it’s very likely you must have done one of these things about to be mentioned; you’re guilty of one.

While trying to be safe ans cautious as much as we can, you may end up doing some things unconsciously or consciously.

Which Of These 7 Things Are You Guilty Of While Driving?

1. Turning down the volume of your stereo in order to see well when you’re lost .

You may be comfortably blasting music in your car but on the course of your journey, you get things mixed up about the road to take. The first thing done by many is to reduce the volume of the stereo. I bet a lot of people are guilty of this.

reducing the volume of the stereo in a car

2.  Trying to open your car when you’ve locked it just to be sure.

We can call this two factor authentication. An average Nigerian would always double check if their car is actually locked even after using the car lock key or remote control.

opening a car door handle

3. Flagging down car with your hand to indicate you want to make a turn.

Some folks believe that the turn signal is not enough. You will see some drivers use their hand to signal they want to make a turn, especially to the left.  Very common with drivers not making use of their car air conditioner.

driver using hand signal

photo credit: wikihow

4. Checking your back without the mirror before entering a major road.

Even though the side mirrors and rear mirror supposed to be used; many people prefer directly looking back. Maybe they are more confident that way and won’t have any blind spot issue. This is same with those with reverse camera. They abandon the reverse camera and do the reversing their own  way.

driver looking back through the window

5. Removing scratches with hydraulic

Seeing scratches on your car can be frustrating.  In a bid to get these marks off the car, a lot of people resort to using hydraulic or brake fluid. Nobody would love to go to a spraying boot just to remove such little scratches.

scratch on a car

6. Foot virtual braking.

This is when the driver is driving and you’re in the passenger side subconsciously trying to brake or reduce the speed of the car with your feet.

If you’ve been in a very fast moving car, you will relate to this.

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7. Not using using your car GPS since you bought your car:

An average Nigerian would rather ask for direction instead of using GPS as we see in foreign movies. Most people believe using GPS can be time consuming and might not be accurate. Nobody won land inside bush.


Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.