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World’s Costliest Parking Space Sold In Hong Kong For N350 Million

Nwogbunyama Emeka



World’s Costliest Parking Space Sold In Hong Kong For N350 Million.

World's Costliest Parking Space

Johnny Cheung who’s a businessman, reportedly sold a parking space for a huge sum of N350 million ($969,000). According to the South China Morning Post, the buyer of the parking space is still unknown.

The pricey parking space reserved for executives and tenants is in front of “The Center“, is a 79-floor steel office tower in Hong Kong’s busy Central neighborhood.

Johnny Cheung Shun-yee, one of the 10 investors in the consortium that paid $5.15 billion last year for “The Center”, told that he had sold the last of his four car parks in the tower to someone who owns an office in the same building because “the buyer now needs a car park lot,” declining to identify the buyer, according to South China Morning Post.

In 2018, an apartment in front of a Kowloon luxury apartment building held the record as the world’s costliest parking space.

However, in Lagos Nigeria, getting a car parking space can be a daunting task. This is because of the millions of cars plying the roads and the tiny landmass. These two factors result to making parking a very challenging task.  You can read about the “The 3 Largest Commercial Parking Spaces In Lagos (PHOTOS)”.

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