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World’s First Automobile Accident Occurred In Ohio In 1891



world's first automobile accident

The first automobile accident in the world took place in Ohio City, Ohio in the year 1891.

Ohio played a very important role in the early automobile industry. Numerous firsts in automobile history can be attributed to the state of Ohio.

Among these firsts was the first recorded automobile accident in the year 1891. James William Lambert was the man who got involved in the first automobile accident in the history of America.

What car was he driving?

James William Lambert alongside with James Swoveland was both in Lambert’s vehicle – the first single-cylinder gasoline automobile.

How did the accident happen?

The car which Lambert was driving hit a tree root which made ir move swiftly in an uncontrollable way. The car ended up smashing a hitching post. The accident resulted to minor injuries.

Afterwards, Lambert went on to patent over 600 inventions which were mostly automobile related.





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