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12 Practical Steps To Solving Traffic Issues In Lagos State



lagos-ibadan expressway
1) Start with Data (Census)


 This is the first and a very important planning tool. How many people live where, how many of them own cars, how of them do 9-5 jobs etc.


For example, if 500,000 people live in Ajah, and 70% of that population have day jobs, 50% of that figure work in Victoria Island.. then you would have an idea of how many people flow into VI from that axis.. and that would help plan and make commutes as smooth as possible.


2) Traffic Cameras/Drones


Traffic Cameras will help catch traffic offenders and curb crime. They can be deployed to major locations first then other locations later. Cameras are static, they require little power and don’t need to be manned. Some can just capture what’s going on while some more expensive ones have features like facial recognition and license plate detection.


Drones will also help in monitoring, surveying and reporting traffic issues as well as reducing response time. Drones can also be deployed in times of emergencies to give first responders a vantage point on what’s happening.


3) Planned & Managed Bus Stops


Lagos State Government is currently doing an amazing job building several lay-bys and bus stops across the state. We hope to see more dedicated bus stops after roundabouts and major junctions.. as against disorganized buses parking on the road and taking up multiple lanes.


4) Civilian Engagement


Embrace crowdsourcing of traffic updates. Build a traffic and navigation app which enables drivers to share real-time traffic and road information, saving other drivers time and fuel on their commute. LASTMA can also set up the road cameras and drones to give live feeds to premium subscribers.


5) Communication


This is very critical.. imagine how many accidents were recorded during the recent re-surfacing of 3rd Mainland Bridge. Drivers were simply cruising at their regular speed oblivious of the road construction especially at night. This resulted in multiple accidents on weekly basis. Proper lighting and adequate road signs should have been used to communicate the impending danger. Also, prospective, on-going and completed road projects should be duly communicated.


6) Regular Maintenance


Fix roads starting with the major roads, ensure proper drainage of water, repair pot holes etc.


7) Enforce Traffic Laws


I guess there is excessive focus on this. Too many government agencies are focused on making cars road worthy.. maybe some of them should be redeployed to making all the roads in Lagos State car worthy.


8) Alternative Transport


We need improved road, rail and water transport system. 1,000 people on a ferry will save a reasonable number of cars from plying the roads. We need buses, trains and ferries that are comfortable, safe, punctual, dependable and clean. Carpooling and biking should also be encouraged.


9) Role of Businesses


Companies can contribute their quota by introducing staff buses as well as work from home initiative.. where staff are appraised by Key Performance Indicators instead of the number of hours spent in the office. Companies should also ensure their offices are strategically located. Not too far from the required inputs as well as output markets.


10) Business Locations


Event centers, churches, fuel stations, banks and other commercial buildings which pull crowd.. should ensure they have adequate space to accommodate the vehicles of their visitors. Some event centres in the state have been shut by the government for causing excessive traffic.


11) Emergency Response & Protocol


LASEMA Response Unit (LRU) is doing an incredible job. They respond promptly with first class equipment. It would be nice if other agencies could emulate this.


12) Tar Existing and Construct New Roads  


This is a major cause of traffic in the state. Limited alternative routes is a major disaster.. Victoria Island and Apapa can be linked with a short bridge but imagine the time you spend driving through Lagos Island and Ijora before you can get to Apapa. 4th Mainland Bridge will also be a life saver. It irks when you see roads remain untarred for more than 30 years in this day and age.. They probably have been tarred according to government records but not in reality.


….from Muhammad Oyereyi (UNILAG)


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  1. sholly

    May 11, 2017 at 11:29

    Excellent write up. Lets keep sharing this great info for all the necessary authorities to see it .

    • AutoJosh

      May 15, 2017 at 18:34

      Nah the work wey we dey do! in Bisola’s voice

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