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15+ Cheap Accessories Every Uber,Oga-Driver & Taxify Driver Should Have



Phone Mount/Holder

It keeps your phone in place and makes it easy to use .You can also use this to turn your phone into a low budget dash cam .

[product id=”36842″]

Multi USB Charger

Not just for you, but also for your passengers. They might need to charge their phones.Consider a scenario where their battery is dead and the only way they can pay you is via mobile transfer 😥.You should get this .

[product sku=”2529838″]


Anti-Sleep Device

This is quite self explanatory.It works by blaring an alarm into your ear if you tilt you head too much(e.g. dozing off).Quite helpful, right ?

[product id=”41900″]

Sun Shade

Just in case the sun is really hot, your passengers might need some shade .Its good to have it, so no one would try to sue you for burning their skin with the sun, Nigerians are weird you know 😄😝

[product id=”40237″]

Steering Lock

An extra line of security, you can’t be too safe .

[product id=”43927″]

Air Freshener

No one likes a smelly car, don’t gamble with your ratings .

[product sku=”GRANDYAIR_03_2018″]


Automatic Tyre Inflator

Quite easy to use and portable too.

[product sku=”3699251″]

Night And Day Visor

Shields you from sun in the day time and blinding headlights at night.

[product sku=”3759078″]

Vacuum Cleaner

Cleanliness can not be over emphasized

[product sku=”2856638″]


Spare Tyres

You should always have at least one in your boot

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Jumper Cables

You never know when the need would arise .You might need one

[product id=”40961″]


Tool Box And Flash Light Combo

This is one of my favourites, its a tool box with various sizes of spanners,screw drivers and an inbuilt flashlight, in case your car breaks down at night.

[product id=”49896″]

First Aid Kit

No one prays for an accident, but its good to always be prepared, every second counts when a life is involved

[product sku=”UN970OT0JHGWQNAFAMZ”]

Fire Extinguisher,Wheel Spanner and C-Caution Combo

All essential !, you should not be driving a car if you don’t have all these

[product sku=”3114253″]

Dash Cam

If you don’t want to use your phone as a makeshift dash cam, you should get a proper one, specifically built for that purpose.A video is a vital tool in court in case of conflict resolution.

[product sku=”3327760″]


Car Wash Liquid

This is more of a very essential care care product , than an accessory.If you still wash your car with detergent, you are  slowly damaging your car’s paint .This wash liquid is specially formulated to keep your car sparkling and preserve its paint.It foams well and  can handle about 100 wash cycles.

[product sku=”washNwax32018″]


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dapson

    March 7, 2018 at 09:04

    So nice that we get to buy the accessories here…

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