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Toyota Corolla Over The Years (Photos)



The Toyota Corolla is an ancient vehicle, it has come through different alterations over the years. In the spirit of a throwback, we will dive in the different years of the Toyota Corolla. This vehicle debuted in 1966 (63 years) and it has turned out to be Toyota’s best-selling vehicle till date. We won’t be talking about the different alterations because they are numerous, we will only be talking about the old and the popular versions. Let’s begin…….

First-generation (1966–1970)

The first generation Toyota corolla was a small car that came in different body styles.  It was available in a 4-speed manual and 2 speed automatic, it was also available in the American market(the first Toyota to arrive).  The Corolla was available in a 4 door sedan, a 2 door sedan and a station wagon were the body styles offered.  This model didn’t come to Nigeria.

Second generation (1970–1978)

This second-generation model was a big improvement over the first. It offered a bigger engine and a “coke bottle” inspired styling. The suspension was vastly improved,  it had a larger engine displacement and better transmission. A 4 and 5-speed manual and 4-speed auto were available. The same body styles as the first generation were offered with the inclusion of the panel van variant.

Third generation (1974–1981)

Among all the corollas of the 60s, this middle 70s version lasted the longest. It underwent many modifications and it was from this year that Toyota started to distinguish their Corollas by regions. The North American and European models were the same but the Australian versions were slightly different. It became expensive compared to rivals of that time (Honda Civic).

Fourth generation (1979–1987)

This version of the corolla increased its popularity by a respectable margin. It was totally different from all the older variants which shared similar looks and feel. This model actually was seen in Nigeria, and it spring boarded the Toyota legacy in the Nigerian market. It wasn’t too popular but it started to penetrate.

Fifth generation (1983–1990)

The popularity craze of the Corolla entered another dimension with this version, it was bigger than the previous model and it had a sport version called the AE86. The AE86 is the most powerful variant of the corolla of the late 80s. It used a 1.6liter DOHC 128hp inline 4 engine, mated with rear-wheel drive(the first and only corolla to). The AE85 has now become a cult classic and its know for its drifting prowess in motorsport history.

Sixth generation (1987–1991)

The sixth-generation Corolla was introduced to the trends of the late 80s/ early 90s. It had a rounder designer and more features. Power windows were an optional feature and for the first time. An all-wheel-drive was introduced to both the sedan and station wagon variant(optional). This model was in Nigeria and its popularity once again grew significantly.

Seventh generation (1991–1998)

Introduced as a 1992 model, the Toyota Corolla was even more modern than before.  Modern features were fitted to it as well as better fuel-efficient engines. The Corolla came with airbags and abs brakes as standard features and its interior was better than before and more appealing. This model year really kicked started the different variations as North America and European models had different fascias.

Eighth generation (1995–2002)

The eighth-generation Corolla debuted in 1995, but the North American model was in 1998 and fitted with its own unique fascias. These fascias differentiate it from the Japanese and global variant (Nigeria officially had the global variation and was offered in a sedan version only). A special variant called the G6 and  G6R purpose-built in commensuration of their rally championship triumph.

Ninth generation (2002–2007)

The ninth-generation Corolla was an instant success and it is the most popular Corolla ever built. The international version and the North American version had distinctive looks as usual to differentiate both versions. It was available in different body styles like a 3 to 5 door (UK) a 4 door sedan and estate(UK and international) and a minivan variant called Corolla Verso(the UK and Europe) and Matrix(North America). The North America version is well applauded for being fuel-efficient and highly durable. In Nigeria, it was dubbed the UBER Corolla and this further spikes its popularity among all Corollas and its excellent resale value is unspeakable.

Tenth generation (2006–2013)

The 2006 Corolla had a more corporate look and feel to it. it was modern, big and still maintained its fuel economy from its previous generation model. In the UK market, the 4 d00r variants were replaced with the 3, 5 door and wagon called Auris. The North American and international models didn’t have much difference from each other but a specific variant called the XRS used a Camry engine(2.4 litre inline 4). Sales were so incredible and it was the best-selling Toyota that year.

Eleventh generation (2013–2019)

The 2013 version of the corolla was an all-new model and was based on the new Toyota New MC platform. As usual, there’s an international and North American variant. Different fascias were fitted to the international variants in South Asia to distinguish different regions. In the UK only the 5 door and wagon was available. The 5door version was sold in North America as Scion iM (Toyota’s sub-brand) and later the corolla iM. It was also the first Corolla to come with a CVT gearbox.

Twelfth generation (2019–present)

The latest Corolla debuted in 2018 as a 2019 version with all the latest technology advancements. This latest version is based on the  Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)  that will span all their range moving forward. In North America, it will be available in a 5 door and 4 door sedan. In the UK market, the corolla nameplate returns and for the first time in a long while the sedan returns (replaces the Avensis).

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