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15 Safety Tips For Highway Users; For Drivers, Passengers and Pedestrians





We are in the festive season and very soon, there will be clusters of cars on the road traveling to various destinations. We made this post for all road users; whether you’re the driver, passenger or even pedestrian.

There are lots of things you have to bear in mind so you’ll be on the safe side. Accidents are inevitable but can be reduced. You have to try as much as you can not to be a part of statistics.

Sit back, relax and assimilate what we have for you in this post. Ensure you put them into practice.

Before the points we have, it’s no new news that most of the Nigerian roads are death traps. Be very careful.
Here are the safety tips for Highway users

1. Watch your speed:
Speed doesn’t kill but overspeeding does, don’t get this twisted.
Overspeeding is among the causes of accidents on our Nigerian road. This is as a result of the lawless driving habit we have. You are not in Autobahn, and as such, you have to be very cautious of the speed you ply.

Don’t speed more than you can control. Overspeeding will certainly reduce the time you have to take decisions and act when something comes up on the road (something like a pothole).

2. Do not drink and drive:
This is not the first time you’ll hear this; it is a very common phrase. Yet a lot of people take it for granted. Being drunk and driving will reduce your response to stimuli and hence, you will not be able to take proper decisions timely.

3. Do not tailgate:
Always maintain a good following distance. Don’t follow another car bumper to bumper. Following another car too closely can come with dangerous consequences. This is more reason why you should maintain a safe following distance.

4. For slower driving, maintain right:
The left hand side of every road is the fast/passing lane. If you’re not overtaking a slower moving car, maintain the right lane.

5. Be very careful when you overtake:
Before you overtake, make sure it is safe for you and other road users. Ensure the road behind and in front of you is clear before you do this.
Use your mirror to glance behind to see the blind spots.
Overtaking in a dusty, foggy or and unclear environment is extremely dangerous.

6. Always be at alert:
A lot of people get this wrong – Nigerian roads are not where you play the blame game. Be aware of what other drivers around you are doing, and expect the unexpected.
Take it up as your responsibility to be safe and free from accidents no matter what it takes. We only have one life; no spare or duplicate.
Good road manners begin with you. Always be at alert to know when other drivers put your life at risk with their ill driving manners.

7. Maximize your visibility:
A good view of the road you’re driving on is very essential when it comes to your safety. Once you’re on that driver’s seat, ensure you can have a clear view of the road.
Ensure the windshield is clear and your wiper is okay in case of rain.
Ensure your headlamps are in good condition for night driving.
A cracked windshield reduces your safety.

8. If kids are on-board, don’t allow them fight or climb around in your car. They should be buckled in their seats at all times. Too much noise can easily distract you from focus on the road.

9. In case your car breaks down, try as much as you can to get the car totally out of the road. If this is not possible, take caution by using the C-CAUTION to inform other road users beforehand.
Don’t stay inside the vehicle; find a safer place to stay.

10. Ensure there is a good fire extinguisher in your car. It should be accessible and not out of reach in case of fire.

11. Make sure your lights such as signal lights, brake lights are in good working condition.
Replace them if they are bad. Always use the signal light as you drive.
Use them long before getting where you want to make the turn and not immediately when you want to make a turn.

12. Take enough rest before you drive. Don’t starve yourself the rest you need especially before you embark on a far journey.

13. For the pedestrians, always walk on the lane opposite to your direction of walk. This is to help you when you have to run enter bush…some drivers are out of their minds.????

14. Don’t allow your phone or loud music to steal your sense. This is for both drivers and pedestrians. Reduce the sound of the stereo in your car so you can hear what’s going on around you. Same goes to the pedestrians.

15. Always drive with your seatbelts on.

Feel free to add yours using the comments section.

We would love to hear from you.

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Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.



  1. Walepsalm

    November 24, 2017 at 15:59

    In addition to the important points you mentioned, one must be focus while driving; avoid any form of distraction.
    Chatting while driving is suicidal in nature.
    Thanks Autojosh

    • AutoJosh

      November 24, 2017 at 21:01

      You’re most welcomed sir.
      That’s a nice point you’ve got too.

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