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5 Warning Tyre Signs You Should Not Ignore





How are you doing guys , hope you guys are being safe in this festive season?

The health of the tyres of a car is very important , if something goes wrong with the tyres,it might cause a major tragedy.

So what warning signs should you look out for to make sure you are safe and know when to change your tires ? .Some of them are quite popular , some aren’t .Lets find out .


This is one you should NEVER ignore.It usually looks like a blister or “boil” on the tyre , this is a sure sign that you need to change your tires.

2.Tread Depth

The “lines” or “zig-zags”(the treads) on your tyres has to have enough depth to attain enough friction of the road  ,especially for braking . The tread should never be less than 1/16th of an inch in depth,if it is or visibly very low ,you need to change your tires.


Just like bulges don’t ignore cracks , no matter how small it is, change the tires as soon as possible.

4.Outer-edge Wear

Have you noticed the outer edges of your tires are too smooth , you need a change !!.The edges also has a roll to play in maintaining adequate amount of friction.


This can happen as a result of various defects , but your tyre is one of them .Do you often notice your car wobbling especially at low speeds ?, it might be your tyre .Get it checked and possibly replaced.


In Conclusion

Its always good to do regular check-ups on your tire to know when they need to be changed . I have seen people driving with very bald tires  . Its not safe people .Stay safe !!!.

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