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3 Road Safety Guides You Should Always Remember




Road safety guidelines are the various measures for all motorists and drivers to keep to, for the safety of themselves and their passenger(s). So as to avoid further road accidents and car breakdown on highways, below are some safety measures to be adhered to:

  1. To remain safe on highways while steering your car, you need to avoid being distracted as this has been one of the major threats to motorists and drivers. Distractions could be from your cell phone, visual and audio sounds which could be movies or the tracks you play in your vehicle. The distractions caused by the intake of alcohol are highly uncontrollable and have a high risk of death to drivers and motorists. If you feel you’re being intoxicated by high intake of alcohol, you’re advised not to drive yourself if you own the car; and if you happen to be a commercial motorist, try not to put the life of your passengers in danger.                                                         
  2. Save yourself, and your adorable car from potholes and gallops. Be a good observer of the road and limit your speed if you are on a bad road to avoid unexpected occurrences for your car. You don’t need to follow the car in front of you closely, leave a little distance so you will be able to see the holes you’re approaching. While keeping an eye on gallops and bumps, pay attention to pedestrians and school children on the road as well as road signs and traffic controls.                                                                                                                                                                       

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  3. Handle the steering properly and correctly so as not to lose control of your car. If you observe that your vehicle has probably sustained any damage and might need instant attention, park in a safe position and location. Then, check if you can fix it yourself, and if otherwise, check for any nearby automobile service shop.

Lastly, you should never drive without a spare tyre in your car. Have the best hopes, but keep the worst plans. Your car is a machine that could develop any fault without notice. Check your tyre’s pressure regularly and check your user’s manual for recommended tyres for your car.