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6 Things That Make You A Bad Driver



bad furious driver

bad furious driver

Majority of road accidents can be traced to human error. Being a good driver or a bad driver is a very significant factor on this statistics.
A bad driver will always exhibit certain poor driving characters and practices that may end up putting his life and the lives of other road user in danger.

There are myriad of things that can make one a bad driver. They are the what you’ll grab from this post. Make up your mind to amend your ways if you’re guilty of any. Don’t be a threat to people’s life on road.


1. Overspeeding:

Overspeeding is a major cause of road accident. It accounts for up to 20% of the accidents on our roads. Unnecessarily overspeeding makes you a bad driver. Overspeeding can be a thin line between life and death. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle moving at 30 KM/H will be injured, but is likely to survive, however a pedestrian who is struck by a vehicle traveling at 120 KM/H is much more likely to be killed. Check put the 5 main reasons you shouldn’t overspeed here.
Please caution your speeding spirit.


2. You get distracted easily:

To be a good driver, you should at all times have all your concentration on your driving as long as you’re driving. Bad drivers are distracted by little things. They either create opportunities for these distractions or not properly handle them when they occur.
Avoid distractions.


3. You drink/do drugs and drive:

You need to be responsive and agile enough to effectively control and make decisions while driving. Poor judgment can be disastrous. When you drink or do drugs, you slow down your sense of reasoning and making accurate decisions. This is as a result of the effects of the alcohol or the drugs in your bloodstream. They totally make you respond slowly to stimuli.
Don’t drink/use drugs and drive.


4. You don’t drive with your seat belt:

Statistics have it that seat belts help reduce the impact of collision when they occur. There is likelihood you’ll survive the impacts of a crash when strapped in a seat belt than when you’re not strapped. Seat belts can reduce crash fatalities by 40 to 60%.
Driving without seat belts automatically disqualifies you from being a good driver.
Always wear your seat belt.

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5. You’re aggressive:

An aggressive driver does not consider other road users when driving. A good driver is supposed to adopt defensive driving which deals with anticipation.

Anticipation is the ability to read what is happening around you (situational awareness) and respond accordingly. This means being aware of other vehicles around you and adjusting your driving to suit such conditions.
A good driver knows when it is safe to drive fast and when to drive extremely slow.
Flee from being aggressive while driving.


6. You don’t know the capabilities and limits of your car:

Having a good knowledge of your car limits and capabilities is paramount. This can go to the extent of saving you from a whole lot of troubles.
Ensure you know what you drive.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.

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