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7 Ways To Avoid Trailer Accidents





Trailer accidents nowadays are increasing.Almost everyday a trailer or truck gets involved in an accident.Sadly, sometimes innocent lives are lost .

Most of these accidents could have been averted if the right thing was done .Here are some tips on how to avoid getting involved in trailer or truck accident .


1.Stay Away !

The best way I know to be completely safe is to stay as far away as possible .Don’t drive directly behind them ,or in front of them ,or beside them.Stay away !.And make sure you are extra careful when overtaking .If you have to stay around them at all ,experts suggest you stay at least 4 seconds away before you get a chance to safely overtake .


2.Be Extra Careful In Bad Weather

When its raining , or its foggy (eg harmattan dust),always drive carefully and cautiously .There might be a truck in front of you or trying to overtake beside you.So take extra care when the weather is bad and there is low visibility.

3.Avoid Blind Spots

Bear in mind always , that if you can’t see the driver then he can’t see you through his mirrors.Always stay in safe regions where he can see you , to prevent mishaps.

4.Be Careful Around Sharp Turnings

This is inclusive of round-abouts , trucks and trailers are longer than your car , so they tend to take longer to turn and most likely occupy the whole width of the road.At this point, most times they have even more blind spots , so its safer to just allow them go before you make a turn.

5.Signal Early Enough

Always signal early enough and allow enough time ,before you overtake ,so they are ready for your intended actions.Don’t make quick overtakes ! .

6.Be Patient

I really shouldn’t add this , because if you are impatient you shouldn’t be driving in the first place .Trailers and trucks are not danfos , so don’t try to engage in a road struggle.Just be patient !!.

7.Pay Attention Always

Never loose focus , because a split second of distraction can cost you your life .And always be at alert !.Always be ready and expect the unexpected.

A quick, short and true story

It was around 2000, we were traveling to Kano in a luxurious bus .

There were other little buses and cabs around .

The luxurious bus , honked his horn(and its very very loud).

A little bus/cab (can’t remember which ), swerved out of fear and shock(of the loud horn) and a lot of people lost their lives in the process .

He lost focus and was not paying attention, he was probably lost in thought.

Kano boys were not merciful they almost burnt our bus down !.

No matter what, always be at alert !.


I hope you enjoyed this guys and you have learnt a thing or two .

Have anything to add ?,kindly comment .Also do not forget to share .



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