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9 Steps For Payment Of Fines By Traffic Violators – FRSC


Where the offender elects to pay the prescribed fines, the following processes shall apply:-


A payer may elect to make payment through any of the commercial banks in Nigeria or through an electronic medium. The payment gateway shall be REMITA Platform accessible on www.remita.net


When the REMITA page opens, the payer shall go to “pay a Federal Government Agency” and click on it. This takes him/her to a page where he/she shall complete the mandatory payment fields required, including:
a. Name of MDA: Type ‘FRSC’ and ‘Federal Road Safety Commission’ will pop up then click on it.
b. Name of Service/Purpose: Click on the drop-down and select OFFENCE.
c. Notice of Offence Sheet will automatically appear where the applicable offence can be selected and the amount automatically appears in the space provided for amount payable.
d. Type the offence ticket number in the space provided
e. Type in: The Drivers Licence Number, Sector, Unit, Vehicle Registration Number, Vehicle Colour and Vehicle Make if available
f. Type the Name of the payer
g. Email and Phone Number of the payer are optional
h. Key in the dynamic characters that is displayed immediately after the payer’s phone number and finally click on proceed to payment button, then the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) will automatically be generated. This is required to complete the payment process through any of the following means:
i. Tendering the RRR to any bank branch
ii. Using internet banking
iii. Using ATM cards on Remita POS.
iv. Remita platform for registered users etc


The Payer proceeds to the Command where the offence ticket was issued with the evidence of payment.


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He/She goes to the Duty Room to present the evidence of payment and original copy of Notice of Offence Sheet or printout slip


The Duty Room Officer directs the Offender to the Public Enlightenment Office (PEO) for attitude changing enlightenment session which shall be between 30 minutes to 1 hour.


The PEO thereafter clears the offender. (The enlightenment session may come before or after payment).


The Duty Room Officer or Accountant collects the evidence of enlightenment and releases confiscated papers and or key of the vehicle/motorcycle if impounded.


Where a vehicle had been impounded, Duty Room Officer issues Gate Pass to the Offender which he/she shall present to the staff on Guard Duty.


Staff on Guard collects and verifies the Gate Pass for documentation after which he/she allows the offender and the vehicle out of the premises if found authentic.


a. A vehicle may be impounded when:
i. The driver is adjudged to be under the influence of drugs or other intoxicating substances.
ii. The driver is driving a mechanically deficient vehicle.
iii. The driver is without a driver’s licence or original vehicle papers or if in possession of photocopies of vehicle papers reasonably suspected to have been altered at the time of arrest.
iv. Dangerous driving offence is committed
v. The driver is under-aged
vi. The vehicle is suspected to be stolen


I am sure after reading all this, no one will want to commit any driving offence. 


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