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Acura All-New ZDX EV Set For August 17th Release Date



Acura has just announced that it’s officially unveiling its first-ever EV, the ZDX, on August 17. That’s almost exactly one year after the brand showed us the Precision EV concept, and it’s no coincidence – Acura says the ZDX “reflects many of the exterior themes” previewed by the Precision concept, including “an eye-catching illuminated evolution of Acura’s Diamond Pentagon grille”.

Acura says the ZDX, as well as the ZDX Type S performance version, will go on sale early next year, exclusively online, featuring “smartly integrated intuitive technologies as standard equipment”. This includes Acura’s integration of “Google built-in”, which sounds a lot like the car will run Android Automotive, although the brand doesn’t explicitly mention that anywhere.

It does however say that the ZDX will have “an enhanced version of Google Maps” with charging time estimates, optimized route planning for charging, and battery preconditioning for DC fast chargers, as well as Google Assistant functionality and the Google Play store for downloading other apps.

Furthermore, the ZDX will have over-the-air update support and “Bang & Olufsen luxury audio”, whatever that means. Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura National Sales, said:

Acura’s unyielding commitment to delivering on the Precision Crafted Performance brand promise will continue in the electrified future, exemplified by Type S models that put the driver experience first. As the most powerful and quickest accelerating SUV in the brand’s history, the ZDX Type S will deliver on this promise and bring an exhilarating driving experience to the electric vehicle market.

Acura All-New ZDX EV Set For August 17th Release Date

Precision Concept

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