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Ambode Tackles Traffic Challenge Using Outdoor Advertising Solution



Governor Ambode is clearly determined to rid Lagos state of traffic challenges. Moreover, he is willing to use any means necessary.

The latest of innovative strategies the Lagos state government is deploying is the  LATISLagos Traffic Information System.

The LATIS – Lagos Traffic Information System – is a solution designed to ease traffic congestion in Lagos state.

This solution is the product of the collaboration between the Lagos state government with JCDecaux Grace Lake.

JCDecaux Grace Lake is the Nigerian Subsidiary for JCDecaux, the No. 1 Outdoor advertising company in the world.

With over 50 years in operations, JCDecaux provides cutting edge outdoor advertising solutions and Sustainable Development projects across the world. The core of their business is the provision of public Service Infrastructure, financed through Advertising.

The Lagos state government’s partnership with JCDecaux Grace Lake has created a first in SSA real time traffic information System called LATIS – Lagos Traffic Information System.

The LATIS – Lagos Traffic Information System infrastructure consists of Traffic Arches and Sensors strategically located at major traffic decision points providing real time traffic updates /route information.

Commuters will receive these information through 20 strategically placed digital screens.

These screens make up the largest digital outdoor network in Africa “Channel Eko”. The perfect platform for any brand to communicate.

In addition to LATIS, JCDecaux Grace Lake will provide a network of Bus Shelters and Automatic Public Conveniences (APCs) at high traffic areas across Lagos state.



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