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Armored Truck Spilled Over ₦182m On New Jersey Highways,Causes Multiple Car Crashes



I know scenes like this rarely happens in Nigeria.But imagine going about your normal day and all of a sudden ,you saw hundreds to thousands of Naira notes land in front of you .

This is exactly what happened in New Jersey as the faulty rear doors of Brink’s armored truck spilled over half a million dollar notes on the highway .

The incident caused atleast 2 crashes, minor fender benders and a major traffic backup, as people scrambled out of their cars to pickup the free flying money.

An observer at the scene said:

“The driver of the Brink’s truck looked like he was laughing and crying at the same time”

“He wasn’t mad and yelling at people. He just looked like he thought it was so absurd.”

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Police say two bags of cash fell out, one contained $140,000 and the other had $370,000. They are currently looking at social media, videos and photos to try to identify people and cars that could be tracked down in order to recover about $300,000 (₦109m) that is still missing.

A similar incident happened in May this year when a Brink’s armored truck spilled an estimated $600,000 (approximately ₦218m) onto an interstate highway in Indianapolis,USA.