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Aston Martin: New Electric Cars Get Technology From American Lucid Motors



In the market for an electric Aston Martin? Unfortunately, the brand does not yet have a fully electric model. But in the future! For its future electric cars, Aston Martin is hooking up with none other than American Lucid Motors.

Aston Martin was once busy with the development of an electric Rapide, but the Rapide E has never appeared on the market in a fully developed form. Will there never be an electric Aston Martin? Certainly. Aston Martin will apply technology from the American Lucid Motors – known for Lucid Air.

According to Aston Martin, it has a completely new modular EV platform in the development rooms. That platform should not only provide a hypercar, but also ‘Sport, GT, and SUV models’. Aston Martin has signed an agreement with Lucid Group, the company behind Lucid Motors. This agreement gives the British access to not only Lucid Motors’ current electric powertrains and battery technologies but also those of future generations.

The cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and in particular Mercedes-AMG will continue. According to Aston Martin, current and future (hybrid) models of the brand also use combustion engines from Mercedes-AMG, but you will also find Mercedes technology in electric Aston Martins.

Aston Martin will launch the plug-in hybrid supercar Valhalla in 2024. From 2026, every Aston Martin model must also be available with an ‘electrified’ powertrain. Since that year, not every model has had a fully electric variant. In 2030, Aston Martin only wants to sell models with electrified powertrains. In any case, count on the arrival of four-wheel drive Aston Martins with two electric motors. Aston Martin also promises the arrival of slick-lined models with active cooling openings and ‘immense power’. We wait.

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