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Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron



After a slow period in terms of new products, restyling aside, Audi is finally back on the path to launches, and the first to arrive is an electric SUV. Originally scheduled for release last fall, the Q6 e-tron and its muscular SQ6 e-tron variant have been delayed by almost two years.

In its segment, competitors are called the Tesla Model Y, BMW iX3, or, more discreetly, the Mercedes EQC second generation. Fundamentally, however, the Audi Q6 e-tron can boast a more prestigious pedigree since it is based on the Volkswagen group’s new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform, inaugurated on the new electric Porsche Macan.

At the front, we find the famous full single-frame grille and little overhang. The designers took some elements from the sporty e-tron GT, such as the light strip at the stern. In this regard, the manufacturer makes a point of honouring the care taken with the lighting signature of the Q6 and SQ6. There is thus a choice among eight designs for the matrix lights at the front and rear optics, integrating six OLED panels. In addition to providing a touch of personalization, this also makes it possible to communicate with other road users by displaying a warning symbol during heavy braking, when approaching danger, or when the following car is too close.


Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron

The interior is up-to-date, with a dashboard that accommodates three screens. The 11.9-inch digital instrumentation is associated with a 14.5-inch central touch screen, slightly oriented towards the driver. The third 10.9-inch screen, intended only for the passenger, is optional on the Q6, but standard on the SQ6. The particularity of this is its private filter, which is activated while driving to avoid distracting the person behind the wheel. In today’s commonplace electric cars, the possibility of updating the car via the cloud (OTA) and 5G compatibility are required. And like its German cousin, the Q6 has an XXL head-up display projecting augmented reality information to the driver on an 88-inch surface. On the other hand, the air conditioning settings are now made by touch on the central screen, which could slightly affect the fluidity of these settings.

In terms of power, the Q6 outputs 388 hp, while the SQ6 counts at around 490 hp and almost 517 hp during a standing start. In this case, the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h is accomplished in 5.9 seconds with the Q6 Quattro and 4.3 seconds behind the wheel of the SQ6. For the Q6 and SQ6, four energy recovery modes are available, including an automatic one and the famous “one pedal” driving mode. The distribution of energy between the front and rear axles varies depending on the pressure exerted on the brake pedal.

In terms of charging, the Q6 e-tron can fill up with electrons on fast terminals at a power of 270 kW in direct current, thanks to the 800-volt architecture. The German SUV can also be recharged at 400-volt compatible terminals, with the power then dropping to 135 kW. In alternating current, the onboard charger accepts 11 kW, but a 22 kW version is coming. With attention to detail and practicality, Audi has integrated a second charger on the passenger side. On the other hand, the latter only takes alternating current. There is no need to manoeuvre just to reload. Going from 10% to 80% takes 21 minutes at 800 volts and a little over 30 minutes at 400 volts. According to Audi, it is possible to recover 255 km of autonomy in 10 minutes. In this regard, the Q6 e-tron equipped with the 100 kWh accumulator can travel up to 625 km according to the WLTP standard. On the more powerful SQ6, the range falls to 598 km.

Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron Audi Finally Releases A New Model In The Guise Of The Q6 e-tron is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. EH