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Beijing Airport Driverless Train That Can Travel With Speed Over 160 km/h Makes Its Debut (Photos)



china driverless train

This is the Beijing airport express subway “White Whale”. It is a driverless train that will be used to transport passengers to Beijing Daxing International Airport with a speed of over 160 km/h. The driverless train just made its debut.

China is the fist country to introduce the world’s first driverless trains to run at speeds of up to 350kph on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway line.

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When it comes to technology, innovation and constructions, China is ranking high in the world.

Few months ago, China opened their ₦7.3trillion World’s Longest Sea Bridge Designed To Last 120 Years.

china driverless train

china driverless train

china driverless train

photo credits: @CGTNOfficial [Twitter]

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