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See The Chinese Bullet Trains That Can Travel Between Lagos And Abuja And Back In 5Hrs



Yes, you heard me right. The Chinese bullet trains, the D types, are so fast that the journey that takes a normal-speed train more than 15 hours takes just 4h 48mins.

The Chinese Fuxing bullet train’s speed of 350 km/hr or (217mph) will travel from Beijing to Shanghai ,a distance of 1,318km’s (819 miles) in 4 hours and 24 minutes.

When you put that in Nigeria’s perspective, a journey from Lagos to Abuja ( through Sagamu-Benin expressway) , a distance of 755.4 km and back (making 1510.8km) will take about 5hrs with the bullet train.

Lagos to Abuja through Sagamu-Benin expressway takes 10h 47mins and back totals 21h 34mins.(minus the bad roads and holdup)

China has the world’s longest high-speed rail network making travel around China more convenient and effective.

Presently, there are 46 pairs of high-speed trains running between Beijing and Shanghai (43 daytime trains and 3 overnight trains) and the time interval between these trains is about 10minutes.

Other facilities on these High-Speed Train includes a restaurant car and canteen bar ,fully air-conditioned room , adjustable seats and a 220V AC power socket at each seat to charge your phone. A handicapped restroom is also available.

Classes inside the high-speed trains includes the Business class ( the most luxurious ), Superior class ,First class and Second class,the cheapest ticket class.

Same-day return trips to and from any part of the country can only be possible if the federal and state governments acquires these high speed bullet-type trains.

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