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Bobrisky Accused Of Faking The Theft Of His Mercedes Benz CLA 250



Bobrisky Faked The Theft Of His Mercedes Benz CLA 250 -GistLover

Some weeks ago, we did a report on the allegedly stolen car of popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

In the report,  we wrote how Bobrisky announced on Instagram that his driver, a man who has a history of stealing from him absconded with his Mercedes Benz CLA 250.

Read the report HERE

However, in a recent post by a popular gossip blogger on Instagram, GistLover, it was alleged that Bobrisky faked the theft of his CLA 250.

According to Gistlover, the police recently arrested Bobrsiky, and he got to the police station with the allegedly stolen car. He was also escorted to the police station by the driver that was alleged to have stolen the car.

It was further revealed that the reason for the hoax by Bobrisky was to stall payment on a loan secured to acquire the car.

Photos of the car parked at the police station were published to support the story. See the photo of the car at the police station as published by Gistlover below.

Bobrisky-Mercedes-benz-cla-250-autojosh Bobrisky-Mercedes-benz-cla-250-autojosh

See the report by GistLover below.

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So some days ago Idris(Bobrisky)posted on his page that his driver ran away with her Benz😜well nothing of such happened because he was arrested in the early hours of Friday with the same Benz and the alleged driver(picture of the Benz parked at the station attached above) . . Here is the full gist,Bob borrowed part of the money he used in completing the payment of the said benz(which he claimed its Bae who got her the Benz)no Bae anywhere😂 . 😂😂He is just playing with Y’all head,there use to be an arranged Arab man in Dubai back then but not anymore(the Arab man was arranged by one popular man called Money Man😳🤫🤫🤫)so after Bob failed to pay the person he borrowed the money from as promised,he had to come up with a lie Incase his debtor comes for him and seize the Benz. Well poor driver he has to play along to save his job😫😫He couldn’t ask Omoshola for money,as that one too is struggling in Dubai,claiming people’s property just to sell her kayanamata,and she recently bailed Bobrisky of a 4million debt he was owing Miwa the Kayanmata lady. To live a fake life is hard o,Omoshola is tired but she dares not complain as Instagram will laugh them,once you use bob as your ambassador,he holds you captive,just like what he did to Miwa,your 1.5 million naira deal has not expired and you asked for another 4million naira loan,as fight come happen now,pay your 4m debt you refused😂You are doing well IDRIS,Ooooinnnnnn,I come in peace

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Mercedes-Benz CLA-250 is part of a series of subcompact executive cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz since 2013.

The first-generation CLA was a four-door fastback. It is based on the platform of the W176 A-Class and W246 B-Class compact cars.

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz expanded the CLA family to include the Shooting Brake, a station wagon configuration. is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. NK

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