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C.Ronaldo Makes Us Thirst For A Bugatti Chiron In This Test Drive



Bugatti C ronaldo

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Supercars and superstars would always be like bread and butter ,inseparable !.

The supercar in question is the new Bugatti Chiron Hypercar and the superstar is Christiano Ronaldo.

Already having a line of supercars in his garage including a Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes-AMG GLE and a Bugatti Veyron  ,he was chosen by Bugatti to test drive this beautiful piece of machinery.

In this video Christiano Ronaldo makes us hunger and thirst for a 1500 Hp beauty.And the sound of the engine is just so melodious .

The Chiron has in it an upgraded version of the 8.0-liter, W16 quad-turbocharged engine found in the Veyron. The torque is rated at 1,180 lb-ft, and 62 mph can be reached in a mind blowing 2.5 seconds . It has Carbon silicon carbide brake rotors, which are both larger and thicker than on the Veyron. The front calipers has eight pistons, the rears has six.

This is indeed a beauty,even C Ronaldo felt like stealing it  .

Watch the video below :

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