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Automotive Business Idea That Can Make You Earn Up To N500K Per Month




Are you interested in Earning as much as 500 thousand Naira per month? Do you want to know what it takes to set up such a successful business? Then read on.

Are you aware of how much Car Wash Business Owners rake in on a monthly basis? Do you know that the Car washing business is a very profitable business in Nigeria? I’m guessing you don’t know. Don’t sweat it!  In this article, I will be revealing to you the Car wash business setup and tips for success.

Starting a car wash business is good venture to invest in. The most amazing fact about this business is that it does not necessary require a large amount of capital or funding especially when you intend to start. The business is not limited to a particular class of the society. It can be started by youths, graduates, unemployed, businessmen, women, investors etc. it is so viable that anybody that set it up would never dream of changing his line of business ever again. With a good location and excellent marketing concept, I assure you that you can make over N25,000 daily from this business.



Despite the recession factor affecting the economy, Nigerians still depend so much on their cars as a means of transportation. With so many unfavorable environmental condition to consider (Dust, Bad Roads) Cars get dirty even if they are just parked. Since people need to clean their cars regularly you are always sure of a steady market. And with so many cars in the society that needs washing and to be taken care off, the business will thrive.


The second reason that makes the business viable is a lot of car owners do not have time to wash and take care of their cars. We live in a fast paced environment and people are always busy trying to do one thing or the other and therefore hardly have time to wash their cars. Also after a hard day at work or doing some daily activities people are usually tired and are not able to wash their cars regularly.


The Nigerian environment is characterized by two major seasons which are the DRY AND WET seasons. The dry season is usually hot, dry and hazy in most cases dusty. This leads to cars getting dirty a lot and they will need to be washed regularly.

The wet season is characterized by downpour of heavy rains. The roads in Nigeria are not all in good condition, so when the rain falls it leads to the roads becoming wet and muddy which leads to the cars getting stained and dirty.


The capital required to start this business depends on the scale and approach you intend to apply. You can even kick off this business with almost no money by going over to your neighbor’s houses or clients houses in the early hours of the morning to wash and clean their cars. Especially if you live in areas surrounded by working class neighbors. You will be raking in Big Time.



  1. Make a business plan: It is essential to plan out all the short and long term needs of the business as a guide you through the success journey.
  2. Car wash business need a very good location: This is a very important decision that will help the business to succeed. When choosing a place where you will operate from, make sure it is in a densely populated area with a lot of vehicular traffic. Being close to a major junction could also be an added advantage.
  3. Get Approval: After deciding on your choice of location, the next step is to get approval from all necessary authorities.. especially those that regulate the car wash business. WARNING: Don’t commence the business without necessary approvals. The authorities must confirm your location has good drainage so dirty water won’t accumulate on the road.
  4. Research nearby competitors: Study your competitors, the type of services they render, what their pricing is and the way they attract customers. Having a competitor around may even be to your advantage. You can quickly convert their customers with a catchy strategy.
  5. Gather the equipment needed: Some of the equipment you need are…

Borehole /well: This is the major ingredient for the business and is needed all the time. Make sure you get a well or borehole in place to be able to achieve this. Also a pumping machine will be needed.

Overhead Tanks: This will be used to store water until it’s needed or if there will not be some available for a certain period.

Power Supply: You need it to power the borehole and some cleaning equipment if available.

And Others: These include buckets, bowls, towels, brushes, soaps and detergents. Also depending on how automated you intend to run the business you will need some more equipment.

This is a business that if well planned and researched can lead to a fruitful venture. Also you can spice things up by introducing drinks and snacks to make your customers feel comfortable while their cars are being washed.

Read the Testimoney of a successful Car Wash Owner below

Good day, with hope that this reaches you in a good state of health. I am the CEO of Sparkles Car-Wash (Katsina), I will give you an insight of some things you will need to start-up a car-wash centre. Kindly do your research and fill the blank spaces:
Get a good space and approval = #_______
Dig a well or borehole. = #_________
Buy a water pump  = #_________
Buy a car-pressure washer. = #_______
Buy a water tank. = #________
Construct a concrete wash bay. = #________
Erect a canopy above the wash bay = #________
Erect a canopy for customers shade = #________
Buy a container and convert it to a shop for selling drinks and snacks and create a space. In it as your store. = #_________
Buy buckets, brushes, sponges, towels, etc = #___

As u kick start d biz, u will start having ideas on what to add to these.

Mine cost me roughly #250,000 in katsina state, I am planning to expand to another location in kaduna state. I am a 24year old graduate of physics dept, ABU Zaria, and my degree doesn’t stop me from doing the washings myself. I have two employees who just finished secondary school that assist me and each earn an average of 20k monthly + I pay for their daily feeding. You can imagine what I (the CEO) earn monthly.”

Written by: lazypoet

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