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Watch A Peugeot 206 Get Destroyed At The Car Wash With A 3000 Bar Jet Washer



Danish filmmakers SpotOnStudios wants you to see the effects of rinsing a car ,in this case a Peugeot 206,with a 3000 bar Pressure washer.

To put the 3000 bar or 43,500 psi (psi means Pound-force per Square Inch) into perspective, about 50,000 psi is generated when a bullet is fired.

So what the car washer is doing in this short clip above is a perfect example of how to kill a car.

The devastating results – All the tyres shredded like being cut with a sharp knife, the paintworks peeled off,side windows and windscreen smashed and all airbags deployed.

So next time you see the pressure settings at your local car wash at 43,500psi or 3000 bar ( which is normally around 1900psi) just hop into your car and zoom off.