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New App Combines All Car Info And Fee Payments In UK




New App That Combines All Car Info And Fee Payment In UK: How Useful Will This Be in Nigeria?

Comfortability, accessibility and ease of payment are the driving force of a new app. The app has been designed in other to make payment of fees as easy as possible. It will also help vehicle owners not to forget to pay their parking fine, congestion charge or any other car-related fees.

The app goes by the name Caura. The app is meant to serve as a diary for vehicle owners in the UK, reminding them of important upcoming events, including road tax, MOT test and insurance expiry dates, sound cool!

This new app gives you the ability to get notified of when any of your payments are due for renewal. This of course is absent in the Financial Conduct Authority-approved app. It can also pay fees for parking, toll roads and congestion charges without leaving the app’s homepage.

New App That Combines All Car Info And Fee Payment In UK: How Useful Will This Be in Nigeria?

The founder, CEO of Caura app, Dr Sai Lakshmi said; “The billions of pounds in penalty fees UK consumers incur from mistakes or late payments for parking, congestion charges, road tax, tolls, MOT and insurance are totally avoidable,”

“The incumbent system – fragmented, confusing and outdated – isn’t only costly but [also] a massive source of anxiety. By eliminating the need for dozens of apps and services, we’re removing hassle, confusion and unnecessary expenses of car ownership.”

According to him, Caura is currently available only for iOS users but will be rolled out to Android devices later this year.

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