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Check Out The World’s First-ever Bulletproof Bentley Bentayga SUV



If you think the recently revealed BMW X5 Protection VR6 SUV is not luxurious enough for you, then you need to check out the bullet-resistant Bentley Bentayga SUV from the world’s famous Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer, INKAS.

Priced at $500,000 (or about ₦181 million, minus the cost to ship and clear it in Nigeria), the Bentayga SUV, the first-ever in the world to be fitted the BR6 ballistic protection, is designed to withstand fire from high-power rifles such as AK47s and AR10s.

Inkas also rates the armoured Bentley Bentayga to withstand simultaneous detonation of two DM51 grenades placed beneath the vehicle’s floor.

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Other areas that were given extra protections includes the fuel tank, battery, and the electronic control unit. You can pay more to get optional features like a smokescreen system, fire suppression for the engine bay, and electric door handles.

Powering this luxurious tank is the same Bentley’s 600 horsepower twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine that makes the unamoured version the world’s fastest SUV — but don’t expect this tank to still have a top speed of 190 miles per hour (306 km/h) or do the zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.0 seconds.

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