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The Cost Of Replacing A 2017 Mercedes Benz C300 Smart Key If Lost Can Buy You A Registered 2004 Toyota Camry



If you don’t have money in abundance and you own a Benz, one of your greatest nightmares would be losing your smart key. The nightmare worsens if it’s a Benz below 7-years of age – Benz produced from 2016 onward.

Just recently, I got a call from a customer who drives a 2017 Mercedes Benz C3oo. In the call he told me he lost his key and he wants it replaced as soon as possible. I have no idea of what it would cost so I told him I will make some necessary inquiries and get back to him. I made some calls as regards to getting a technician who can get the job done. Lo and behold, the figures I got from different technicians to replace the lost key for the 2017 Mercedes Benz C300 were scary.

I called different technicians and their prices were between N1,600,000 and N2,300,000 just to get the key replaced. Mind you, these figures can get you a neatly registered/used 2004 Toyota Camry that is in top notch condition.

You might be wondering why it’s that costly. It’s that costly because the master key is lost and the best way around it is to buy another Benz key and then program it to work with your car. And it’s not just anybody that can program these Benz keys. They also have to download some software and get the programming license from Mercedes Benz. These are some of the reasons why it’s this costly.

After all, they were right when they said big man big trouble. In this case, it’s big car big trouble.

If you own a Benz, make sure you have a master key and then some spare so you won’t start running kitikata when you lose your key.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.