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This Danfo Uses Padlock To Fasten Its Seatbelt (PHOTOS)



Danfo Uses Padlock To Fasten Its Seatbelt 

If you want to see bizarre automobile contraptions, then look no further than Danfos in Lagos.

Now, check this for awkwardness.

This unusual kind of seatbelt tongue was seen in a danfo.

The seat belt tongue, rather than being inserted into the seatbelt buckle, has a padlock as its connector.

Bizarre, right?

It can only be in a Lagos Danfo.

Danfos are a type of commercial buses found in Lagos State.

Danfo Uses Padlock To Fasten Its Seatbelt Autojosh Danfo Uses Padlock To Fasten Its Seatbelt Autojosh

The Seat belts

Seat belts are a critical component of your car’s crash safety system. These vehicle restraints keep occupants propped in the correct position, minimizing the risk of injury or death upon impact. The system is designed to stretch and absorb impact energy.


The webbing is the part of the system that is wrapped around the body of the driver or passenger. This polyester belt is designed to support more than 28kNw.


The retractor is the winding mechanism that allows the webbing to extend or pull back. Upon impact, this component locks the webbing in place, securing the occupant on the seat. Retractors come with a locking mechanism that stops the movement of the webbing when it is unspooled at a rate faster than normal and when the brakes are applied quickly.

Seat belt tongue

The seat belt tongue is a metal component that is connected to the webbing to fasten its seatbelt. This part inserted into the seat belt buckle to secure the system.

Seat belt buckle

The seat belt buckle is the mechanism that fastens and releases the seat belt tongue. It is designed in a way that makes it extremely easy for the user to secure the belt and for rescue workers to free occupants in case of a vehicle crash.


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