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4 Special Conditions When You Should Drive With Utmost Carefulness



Driving with care is important for all forms of driving. But there are five special driving conditions when you will need to channel in utmost carefulness. Failure to drive with care in such conditions could be catastrophic; which you wouldn’t like. Except you’re an agent of destruction.

As you continue reading, you’ll get to know these conditions and the best ways to go about them when you’re driving. This is for your safety and the safety of other road users.

Below are the special conditions when you should drive with utmost carefulness.

1. Night Driving

Driving at night in Nigeria can be a death trap. In case you’re wondering why night driving is discouraged, below are some reasons why:

  • Road user cannot see far ahead unlike in daylight
  • In the event of emergency, help is not readily available
  • Security is uncertain
  • The driver may easily fall asleep

But if you must be out driving at night, here are some safety night driving tips we have for you HERE.

night driving stress

2. Driving in the rain

Driving in the rain is another special driving condition that requires your utmost carefulness. Whether it’s slight or heavy rainfall, you should ensure you practice safe driving. This include not speeding unnecessarily on roads you’re not quite familiar with. Speeding can make you fall into a terrible pothole or ditch and you know the implication. You may also fall victim of hydroplaning while on such speed.

You can read our post on 10 Tips On How To Avoid Dangers Caused By Rainfalls And Floods”for your safety when driving in the rain.

dangers rainfalls floods

3. Driving in Harmattan haze/misty/foggy conditions

This means driving where there is strong wind, dust, mist, fog, thunderstorm, and other related conditions.In these conditions visibility is highly reduced. So you’re encouraged to do these:

  • Put on your wipers;
  • Reduce your speed;
  • Ensure that your demister is functional;
  • Put on your headlights;
  • Dim your headlights in order to see and be seen;
  • Put on your hazard lights;
  • If visibility is poor, move off the road and park safely
  • Leave your parking lights on
  • Keep a safe distance from the distance in front of you

4. Driving in a convoy

Driving in a convoy simply means driving in a group of vehicles traveling together usually for mutual support and protection. Driving in a convoy is dangerous, especially at a high speed.

In case you want to have good knowledge of how to drive in a convoy, read out post onHow To Drive In A Convoy”

How To Drive In A Convoy autojosh

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