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Elon Musk Lashes Out As Tesla’s Grunheide factory Was Attacked By Extremists



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Tesla’s factory in Grünheide, Germany, has become the target of an attack by left-wing extremists. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reacts angrily to X and finds the action ‘extremely stupid’.

Production of Teslas in Grünheide, Germany, has come to a standstill after the power went out on Tuesday due to a fire in a power pole. The police soon took intent into account because there were protests around the factory against a planned expansion and there was an explosion at the power pole. On Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that it was indeed sabotage, claimed by the left-extremist Vulkangruppe. According to ANP, the group states in a letter that “Tesla consumes the earth, raw materials, people, and employees and then spits out 6,000 SUVs, killer cars, and monster trucks every week.” The group is probably mainly referring to the Model Y and the Cybertruck.

The consequences of the action are probably not pleasant, because Tesla expects that production will be halted for a longer period of time. CEO Elon Musk takes the issue so seriously that he criticizes the action on X personally and in no uncertain terms. According to him, those responsible are “either the dumbest eco-warriors in the world or puppets of those who don’t have good climate goals. Stopping the production of electric vehicles instead of fossil vehicles is extremely stupid,” Musk said.

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