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Elon Musk Says Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able To Drive Without Any Human Assistance



Elon Musk has tweeted that Tesla’s Autopilot system ,which is presently a level 2 driver assist system that requires the driver to be vigilant and ready to take control at all time, will soon support “Traffic lights, Stops and Roundabouts” driving modes that will make all its cars drive without any human assistance .

According to his tweets,he said:

This “self-driving capabilities” described above is what the Level-4 and Level-5 advanced autonomous driving tech promises to bring to the automotive industry.

The Level-4 system can drive without human assistance under certain conditions while the Level-5 compatible cars (that may come with or without steering-wheels) will drive without human assistance under all conditions – which means that you can sleep, read newspapers,watch movies and even back the traffic, while your car do all the driving. Click here to know more about the 6 Levels Of Autonomous Driving.

It’s not clear how soon this will happen, but Elon Musk recently said in an interview that he thinks “Full Self-driving capability” will encompass all modes of driving by the end of next year.

Just two months ago, a Range Rover Sport fitted with navigation sensors, Radars and LIDARs, drove itself around UK’s most challenging roads without the driver touching the steering wheels. It was able to handle roundabouts, traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists, change lanes, merge with traffic and exit junctions at the speed limit of 40mph.

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